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About us

N of One Solutions improve health outcomes by solving problems that will have a positive impact on clinical practice and patient experience of care.


We focus on the key areas that drive treatment adoption and improve health outcomes - treatment access, shaping quality use of medicines and health service delivery, and patient empowerement.


No of One Solutions are a team of experienced and creative problem-solvers. We deliver bespoke end-to-end services and solutions on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations, healthcare providers, and consumer advocacy groups.

We also develop innovative tools to help provide a framework for tackling common challenges. We launched MedAX for medication access programs, Virtual Patient in Practice (VPIP) for educational engagement, and are working on Patient Outcomes Program (POP) to help power the therapeutic alliance between patients and their healthcare providers to achieve better health outcomes.

Our name, N of One Solutions, is a reference to n-of-1 trials which are designed to identify whether an intervention is likely to benefit or cause unwanted effects in an individual. With over 20 years' healthcare solutions experience – we know that every challenge is unique, which is why we approach each project as an n-of-1 opportunity to apply what we know, assess what works, and evolve solutions to achieve and maximise the intended benefit.

One down - many more to come!

In July 2019, we celebrated our first year in business  - and it's been a fun-filled year of firsts! Highlights include: tackling complexities around the supply of S8 drugs; surveying >400 people with depression to understand their paths to, experience with, and attitudes towards treatment; working on a product launch; initiating a working group to improve Hepatitis C testing rates in primary care; and building an accessible brand website.


We look forward to tackling many more challenges in the years ahead - and increasing awareness of, and experience with, our existing products and services.

What problems can we help you solve?


Our services


  • Strategy

  • Product launch

  • Market expansion

  • Brand planning

  • Market insights

  • Advisory boards

  • Treatment pathway mapping

Specialised programs

  • Medication Access (SAS, EAP, and PFP)

  • Medical Education 

  • Patient Outcomes Programs


  • Medical Writing

  • Copywriting


  • Bespoke creative development

  • Adapting / localising global creative

  • Digital solutions

  • Video production

Our solutions

Access. Education. Outcomes. 

Medication access


Facilitating access to new medications

MedAX provides a framework to minimise the cost and time required to develop an access program, and includes:

  • Multiple layers of validation to ensure access is restricted to authorised users

  • Built-in education mechanism 

  • Mobile optimisation to reduce  barriers to digital implementation

  • Supply management via opt-in and opt-out mechanisms

  • Automated reminders

  • Robust reporting

Medical education


Improving quality use of medicines, and health service delivery

Virtual Patient in Practice (VPIP) delivers an interactive learning experience that increases the value, and measures the effectiveness, of education.

Easy to use - no special software, or trained facilitators are required. VPIP is designed to offer a highly accessible and individualised learning experience for healthcare professionals – whether online or learning among a group of peers. The result is data that measures what’s been achieved, and a road map towards improved clinical practice.

Patient outcomes

Improving outcomes through

N of One Solutions

Patient Outcomes Program (POP) is a solution we’re developing to maximise the investment made into patient support programs - by expanding the scope to include outcome measures that matter most to consumers and their healthcare team. POP is designed to -

  • Empower patients to improve their health through personalised targets

  • Empower healthcare providers with a more holistic view of their patients

  • Amplify the impact brands have on outcomes

… and provide measurable results.


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