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Celebrating 4 years!

Amanda Harris

It’s no accident that N of One Solutions launched on 4 July. I'm American, and I've spent the majority of my career in health comms working for independent agencies. So when it came time to dissolve a partnership and walk away from some of my best work - the question of whether or not to strike out on my own and do it all over again felt rhetorical, and choosing the date to kick it off was easy.

Starting a business is challenging - throw in a pandemic and parenthood, and there have been many days when I've scratched my head wondering whether I had any business to be starting over again. The first year especially felt a lot less like slaying dragons and more like sitting in the rain rubbing two sticks together hoping to create a spark.

4 years later, I am grateful to be celebrating our biggest year yet- continued growth of the team, an expanding client list, a healthy balance sheet, a track record of interesting and rewarding work and especially to be able to take time out to share and enjoy moments like these.

Cheers to all the originators - the start-ups - the small business owners. And four cheers to the family, friends, clients, and the employees who help to make it all happen.

Happy Independents' Day!

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