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Virtual Patient in Practice: increasing the impact of medical education

For educators and sponsors who want to measure the impact of their educational activities - or are looking for ways to tailor content to meet the educational needs of their target audience.

For healthcare professionals who have ever wanted to know how their approach to different consultation scenarios compares to that of their peers - or wondered whether an educational program improved their understanding, or influenced their clinical decision-making.

And for everyone who wants a more genuinely interactive experience at live events!

Virtual Patient in Practice (VPIP) is a medical education tool that powers self-directed learning and transforms live events into genuinely interactive - and measurable - experiences.

A product of N of One Solutions, VPIP is designed to -

  • Increase engagement with medical education

  • Identify individual learning needs

  • Measure the impact of educational activities

  • Reinforce key learning outcomes

  • Stand alone, or integrate with third-party sites and activities

  • Be easy to use – with any browser, on any device.

What is VPIP?

Modelled on problem-based learning, VPIP consists of fictional consultation scenarios with 'Virtual Patients'. Healthcare professionals are able to navigate as they would in clinical practice - the result is real-time feedback on a range of activities including patient interaction, differential diagnosis, referral pathways, treatment, and ongoing management.

The scope of each consultation can be tailored to meet a wide range of learning objectives – and it doesn’t require special software or technical training to implement.

For self-directed learning, a VPIP consultation provides real-time individualised feedback on activities undertaken and compares them to guidelines and peer results. VPIP can also measure how an individual's approach to a scenario has changed over time or as a result of feedback or an educational intervention - making it an effective tool for self-assessment or predisposing and reinforcing activities.

Versatility is what makes VPIP a powerful tool.

For live meetings, VPIP is an interactive tool that generates a real-time report on the audience’s activities. The result is a bespoke experience in which a speaker is able to lead a case-based discussion that zeroes in on what’s most relevant to the people in the room.

If you're interested in learning more, visit or give us a call on 02 4258 3595 to schedule a live demonstration.

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