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Making it easier: the art of PFPs

Product Familiarisation Programs (PFPs) are not simple – but when they’re done right, they can be the single most effective means of facilitating prescriber confidence with using your product and shaping optimal treatment experience for their patients.

MedAX is a product of our collaboration with Wax Interactive and our shared commitment to developing innovative solutions to tackle common problems, and making them accessible, scalable and effective. It is simply designed to make PFPs easier for companies to implement.

MedAX is purpose built, and ready when you are, buying you time to tackle the bigger decisions impacting on your product launch.

Our goal in developing MedAX was to design a system that can be used by anyone – behind firewalls, on any operating system, on any device, by people who prefer paper to digital, who are time-poor and view external platforms as disruptive to clinical practice. Importantly – it should push users through the required steps in a way that was intuitive - and easy.

We just completed a MedAX training session for representatives launching a PFP - but it wasn’t a typical training session, because we showed up prepared to do ... nothing. Instead, we projected the URL onto the screen and told the team to register and enrol patients. If anyone got stuck, it would mean we failed. The feedback from the team - 'That's it?'.

We have never been happier to underwhelm people.

Barriers to digital adoption in healthcare remain (the fax machine is an enduring symbol of how far we have yet to go). The way we're helping to overcome these barriers is to make our solutions underwhelming - and easy to use.

If you're launching a new product, or a new indication, and want to know more about how we can help - feel free to message us, or give us a call on 02 4258 3595.

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